Episode #168 – How OCD Treatment Techniques Go Beyond Just OCD Treatment with Elysse Lescarbeau

March 6, 2024

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In this episode, I talk to OCD and anxiety advocate, Elysse Lescarbeau, about techniques typically reserved for OCD and anxiety are actually beneficial for everyone. We also discuss..

  • Her “Stay PUT” method of managing anxiety in the moment
  • Our 5 strategies typically reserved for OCD/anxiety that can be helpful for all individuals
  • Why and how ERP is absolutely necessary for OCD and anxiety recover

Elysse Lescarbeau (@⁠ocd.or.just.me⁠) has A LOT of lived experience with mental health issues with diagnoses. Elysse had been struggling in silence due to a lack of OCD awareness – she thought her obsessive thoughts and mental only compulsions were “just her”. A year after being hospitalized for SI, with a long overdue OCD diagnosis and treatment under her belt, she hopes to offer others the knowledge she wished she’d had – how OCD can present very differently from common media portrayals, why gold standard therapy techniques for OCD can go beyond treating acute symptoms, and how recovery and a less anxious life IS possible. 

Follow her on Instagram @⁠ocd.or.just.me⁠ and check out her free resource – the Values in Action Digital Workbook (⁠https://stan.store/ocdorjustme/p/free-find-my-values-worksheet⁠) – for her tried and true techniques to take value-driven action everyday, even while anxious. 

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