oh hey there.

I'm Jenna.

i know what it's like to struggle with ocd and anxiety.

Only a couple of years ago, I was right where you are. Just like you, I wanted to get rid of my scary thoughts. I had a lot of research and clinical experience under my belt. Then I had an intrusive thought that made me feel like my brain broke.

I'm here with over 16 years of clinical, research, and now personal experience to tell you everything I know about OCD, anxiety, and how to get your life back using evidence based concepts like Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

Say hello to a bold, beautiful life you can enjoy again without being so afraid.

all from an authentic, real therapist who seriously gets it.

I've learned from world-renowned experts in how to help people overcome tricky recovery barriers. I can help you understand and improve difficulties like mental compulsions, difficulty tolerating uncertainty, your anxiety or obsessive theme bouncing around like "whack a mole", and so much more, so that you can be more present in every day life.

I have years of experience specifically working with complex cases. Mental compulsions, treatment resistance, rumination, perfectionism of treatment, comorbid conditions - these are just some of the nuances I love to work with and would love to help YOU! understand more - whether you're someone with OCD and anxiety, a loved one, or a professional. 

What I’m known for:

Loving hard on my son, Eli, my husband, Nick, and my two dogs, Asic and Emmett.

Being a complete nerd when it comes to business, calligraphy, poetry, and art.

Hosting the "All The Hard Things" podcast (in the top 1% of podcasts globally, BTW!)

Teaching these concepts in a way that's relatable, helpful, "no BS", and motivating.

A few of my favorite things



thing in my house






"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

words i live by


My Timeline

where I've been


Pretty much exited the womb with anxiety


Started doing everything in 3's - thinking, if I didn't, something bad would happen


Knew I wanted to be a therapist but different


Learned about OCD, Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) , and anxiety and knew I wanted to do this forevahh


Went to grad school at Towson U, worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital


Got my dream job at a world renowned OCD and anxiety treatment facility


Started spreading awareness on social media + my podcast


I get to teach people all over the world that they're not alone and help call them to SOMETHING MORE.

re-runs i've seen of the office


years working with ocd/anxiety


talks given at ocd/anxiety conference


cups of chai tea per day


Feelin' like you're ready to conquer your anxiety?

I'm here for you - 100%.  My self-paced, digital courses will get you your life back once and for all, with or without a therapist.

i'm freakin' ready