Prevent the ritual. Dismantle the compulsion. 

The Transformation

let's go!

Resist the ritual. Resist the ritual.

Why is this so damn hard?

Right now, you’re aboard the struggle bus when it comes to knowing what rituals you do and how to prevent them before they happen like a reflex. Your mental compulsions are winning and you’re inches away from saying that dreaded ‘I can’t’ when you talk about stopping them and recovering for good.
You’ve tried hopping right into the exposure piece. You’ve tried a bunch of things to ‘treat’ this. But like a toddler who just learned to waddle, you fall right back on your face where you started. Talk about disheartening. 

I hear you. I see you. And we need to have a chat about why this keeps happening. 

Exposure is sexy. But not where the recovery happens– yet. 

Jumping into the deep end and white knuckling your way through that scary thing is tempting. Being a normal person. F*ck yeah, let’s try it. But without first breaking free of your compulsions and rituals– doing the exposure work is going to backfire big time. 

You can resist your compulsions. You can wire-cut away the confines of unhealthy coping mechanisms. You can prevent your rituals. You can overcome your OCD/anxiety. How do I know this?

You have the courage to be here. And I have the experience to know that this sh*t, in this order, works.

The 'off' switch for your compulsions

The Transformation

is the messy middle of your OCD/anxiety journey. Messy middle? Yep. The intrusive thoughts you can’t turn off. The rituals you do without realizing it. The rituals you do on repeat and can’t stop. The paralyzing anxiety. The mental compulsions that no one seems to talk about. Except brain. Your brain can’t shut up about them. 

We go there. We dive into it all. We stop behavior. You comprehend why you do what you do, then literally cut the water source that’s making your OCD/anxiety bloom. 

ready to transform?

The resilient mind gets to be your mind.

Know the thought processes and behaviors that directly affect the OCD cycle.

Master tools that put you in control of your brain. 

Create a resilient mindset that emboldens you to confront and say ‘not today, f*ck off, anxiety’.

Dismantle compulsions and make peace with uncertainty.

Stop living in fear and start feeling empowered to take down your triggers, face what terrifies you, and recover. 

With The Transformation, you will: 

When you’re in the eye of the OCD/anxiety storm, it’s easy to feel like you’ll be swirling in this mess of compulsions and rituals for eternity. But that doesn’t have to be the reality.

What’s Inside 

i need this

Weighing the Scales with a Cost Benefit Analysis

The essential, foundational task that shows you how to use a cost-benefit analysis for your OCD/anxiety experience and recovery journey. This is often one of the first assignments I give my clients. 


Taking Inventory: What OCD/Anxiety Has Taken From You

This one might be a tough pill to swallow, but it's necessary. Until we know what OCD/anxiety has taken from us, we won't be able to put our foot down and scream, ‘NO MORE.’


The Brave Mindset: Rethinking Confidence and Embracing Courage in Recovery

‘I don’t feel confident.’ If I had a dollar for everytime I heard that one, I would be a rich woman! But you don’t need confidence to do this. You need bravery and bravery can be created. Promise.


The Difference Between A Thought and Thinking

Your thoughts feel automatic. They’re hard to resist. Your thoughts aren’t thinking and in this lesson we’ll dig into when a thought starts vs. when thinking begins. Hint: you’re in control of one and not the other. 


Mind Tricks Exposed: Unmasking Common Cognitive Distortions

Thought distortions don't just influence those of us who have OCD/anxiety. But they can definitely take a toll on a brain that's already super vulnerable to doubt and ambiguous situations.


Saboteur!: Lies OCD/Anxiety Tells

Anxiety can be a manipulative little sh*t sometimes. You’ll learn its lies and deceit in this section so you can call its bluff whenever it tries to pull a fast one over you.


Dealing With The F Word and "It Just Feels So Hard!"

Feelings. They can easily hold you back in your recovery. We're human and we sometimes make decisions based on high emotion, not logic and what we know to be true. But you're not going to let that happen, now are you?


From Bells to Buttons: Navigating Classical/Operant Conditioning, and Reinforcement Schedules

Let’s nerd out on some Psych 101 as we look at the conditioning that underlies a lot of the struggles you currently have. Then, you can use this knowledge to directly inform your recovery. Trust me, being a nerd in this process is cool. The why behind what you’re doing. You’re literally fanning away the smoke and mirrors of OCD and unveiling the ‘holy sh*t, that’s why my brain does that.’ 


The Basics of Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)

Now we're getting into the good stuff. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) is the ‘gold standard,’ front line treatment for OCD and anxiety. See how it works, but more importantly how damn effective it can be.


Rockin' the Ritual Resistance: Defying OCD and Anxiety, One Step at a Time

Exposures are important, but they're definitely not the most important. Here we have it, the true crux of ERP– actually resisting those compulsions you've realized are no longer working for you.


Trigger Detective: Investigating What Sets You Off

Your triggers. We’ll talk about common ones then identify yours. Because when you know yours you’re equipped for all of the recovery steps that’ll follow.


Breaking Down Your Fears and Obsessions

Common fears. Obsessions. Worries. You are not alone. We’ll look at your situation and also ya know, you– to figure out what’s constantly on your mind. Knowing is the best kind of armor. 


Compulsion Exposé: Pinpointing Your Rituals

Your rituals, compulsions, and safety behaviors are showing. Now, it’s time for you to see how they present and what they look and feel like. Shine the light on those bad boys so we can resist the f*ck out of them.


"And Then What?": Identifying Core Fears

This is one of my favorite discussions and concepts of all time, because it totally lets you in on what’s going on and allows you to achieve a long lasting, sustainable recovery.


Ritual Renegade: Reclaiming Control and Resisting Compulsions

Let’s get to it. It’s ritual resisting time. With guidance, tools, and tips – you’ll learn how to take control of your brain and why grabbing those reins right here, right now is so important.


Habit Change of Any Kind Starts With This Strategy

Awareness. The strategy that will change any sort of habit and behavior. When you know what ritualizing looks like and when that’s happening, you can use this info to enact even more seismic shifts.


Additional Strategies for Ritual Prevention

Mess with the pattern. However you can. OCD loves routine and control. So break that sh*t. I’ll be presenting multiple methods for how to do this that don’t involve diving into the cold turkey waters. 


Handling 10/10 Anxiety and Panic with Tenacity

Panic button. SOS. Freaking the freak out. When you’re here I’ll show you what to do (and not do).


Implementation FAQ: Exposures, Hierarchy Development, Ritual Prevention

My most common Qs. Answered. Let’s go deep into what my community burns to know on a daily basis. 


Is Pure O A Thing? Does It Exist?

"Pure O" is likely an OCD subtype you've heard about and resonate with. So does it exist? Answer: it's tricky. Welcome to the nothing-held-back discussion on it.


You're Actually Justifying Your Mental Compulsions

You desperately want to stop doing these compulsions. That's why you're here. But what if I told you that you're actually holding onto them much more than you probably think? Justification is dangerous. But it’s so easy to slip into.


Why Logic Will Never Win Against OCD/Anxiety

It’s tempting to rationalize your way out of OCD thoughts. But it’s a short-term hit of ‘I’m getting better.’ It will never win. Here’s why it’s keeping you stuck and what you can do instead.


Mental Compulsions, Rumination, and More

Quite possibly one of the most sought after lessons in this course. In this lesson, we're talking all about mental compulsions, rumination, and what to do about them.


No, You're Not Solving Problems - You're Making More of Them

Remember how we talked about how one of those justifications for mental compulsions was that you think it helps you solve problems? Uhh, yeah, so let’s dig into that by showing you how you view worrying ‘favorably'. 


Spotting Other Sneaky Rituals

OCD/anxiety knows no bounds. And it’s a sneaky little sh*t if you’re not careful. Let’s figure out how to unveil these rituals so you can resist them now and forever. If you can surrender to uncertainty, these rituals are done-so.


Why Coping Skills Aren't Good For You

Coping skills. Typically suggested. Rarely helpful. So what should you do instead? I got you.


No More Safety Nets or Just In Case: Hammering Out Safety Behaviors and Avoidance

Wait, there are still some safety behaviors and subtle rituals you might be giving into. Let's hammer them out.


Handling The ‘But It Feels Too Risky!’ Mentality

‘How can I do this without worrying?’ OCD is holding you back with objections. The good news is objections are nothing for a tenacious brain. You can resist these and keep showing up. That process will be so clear post-this-lesson.


- hali

"It feels like you've left no stone unturned when it comes to OCD. It's actually made me realize that I seem to know more than my therapist - all thanks to you, of course."

They said ‘no’ to their compulsions. They come out ahead. 

- bryant

"I'm pretty sure I learned more about myself in the first lesson than in my previous 30 years."

- callie

"You’re such an inspiration for people like me who struggle with anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I also love the community and our interaction in the chat. You made me feel heard and understood.”

Turn off the rumination.

Burn the compulsion.

You are free.

Prevent the ritual.

I’ve been struggling with that damn ‘fear voice’ of OCD/anxiety since I was a kid. And since 2008, I’ve specialized in treating it. Working at ALL levels of care, including residential at both Rogers Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins– I’ve seen it all. 8 years of the most debilitating cases of OCD and anxiety in the world. Comorbidities. Unconventional presentations. Your taboo thoughts and presentations won’t even ‘wow’ me, let alone scare me. I’ve truly seen it all. Try and surprise me. You’ll win a prize if you can. 

And that seen it all trait I have, makes my 1:1 waitlist overflow with people who want to experience recovering for good. And right now, this is the closest way you get to work with me

I’ve always wanted to treat OCD. Something that I feel traditional therapy has all wrong. OCD isn’t a textbook case of ‘scared of germs.’ Mental compulsions. Ruminations. Sitting with uncertainty (and struggling!). Intrusive thoughts. OCD/anxiety is so much more than stereotypes.

But one thing’s for sure– once you recover, you can take your life back. 

Hi there, I’m Jenna.

Meet Your Teacher 

Are happy basking in the comfort of ‘this is hard’ and ‘I can’t’

Want to skip to the exposure part, doing things the way you think they should be done

You’re happy staying in the same place

And you’ll probably struggle through this, if: 

Someone who battles with OCD/anxiety often (but wants the sword collection that’ll finally slay this damn thing)

Who it’s for:

Someone who wants to confront their fears instead of hiding from them

Someone who’s ready to do this recovery process right aka not rushing and skipping trying to get to the SUPER SCARY EXPOSURE part too soon

Someone who understands the importance of ritual prevention, even if they’re not totally positive which rituals they’re currently doing 

Someone who is eager to learn about mental compulsions – nerdy? I love you

Someone who has fully banished or is willing to banish ‘I can’t’ from their vocabulary.

this was made for me

The Transformation is a key piece of the strategic long-term OCD/anxiety recovery program.

Rush the process in the short-term. Get crushed by compulsions in the long-run. 

By blending psychoeducation with practical strategies, you can address cognitive distortion, mental compulsions, and safety behaviors head-freakin’-on.
Here, we nail ritual prevention. Your triggers? Identified. Your fears? They’re breaking. Compulsions? Prepare to resist. Overcome that intense anxiety. Stop the cycle of ‘can’t turn my brain off.’ 

Set yourself up for total control over your OCD, so when exposure therapy starts, you’re damn ready to crush it.

- Charlie

"This alone has helped me more than my therapist."

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Resist the ritual. Transform.

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You'll soon see that, while I reference OCD and anxiety the most frequently, I talk about the process of all of these conditions - which is very much the same.  Therefore, the way we should be treating and addressing them are also very similar.  Someone with anxiety, social phobia, or any other anxiety related condition would likely benefit from this course.  You also do not need a formal diagnosis for this course.


The good news is, you might be able to use your HSA/FSA funds! The bad news is, I can't tell you for sure. You will have to call your policy holders to check with them as plans differ so widely from individual to individual. I also am not able to write you a letter of necessity on anyone's behalf.

can i use my hsa/fsa for this? 

You can see my complete refund policy on my Terms of Use page, which you can access by clicking here.  I offer a conditional 30 satisfaction guarantee with The OCD and Anxiety Recovery Blueprint, The Foundation, The Transformation, and The Endgame. If you are not satisfied after having completed the coursework in full after 30 days, show us your work (as outlined in the Terms of Use) and we will offer 2 complimentary 1:1 sessions. I do not offer refunds for any products.

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You do not need formal diagnosis of OCD, anxiety, or any other condition in order to benefit from the material within these courses or products.  There are plenty of individuals inside the courses and community who have a diagnosis and plenty who do not have a diagnosis.  If you are a therapist, you will also find this material helpful as my process in teaching the concepts is much the same whether I'm teaching an individual with OCD/anxiety or a therapist. 

do i need a diagnosis? what if i'm a therapist?

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