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As a therapist, I have seen many individuals who struggle with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and anxiety when it comes to the decision of having children or even more children for that matter. For some, the fear of passing on their symptoms to their children can be overwhelming. For others, the thought of managing their symptoms while raising a child can seem like an impossible task. If you are someone who is dealing with these fears and anxieties, I want you to know that you are not alone. This decision shook me for years until I finally learned some tools to help me get through day to day. And here I am, 5 years later, completely at ease and peace with my decision. It is completely normal to have these concerns, and there are steps you can take to feel more empowered in your decision.

It’s Scary Having Kids, and More Kids

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When you’re about to become a parent, you expect everything to be so wonderful and full of joy and bliss. Everyone tells you about the snuggles, the love you’ll experience, and all of the amazing things about being a new mom or dad. What they don’t tell you is all of the anxiety, fear, and panic you can feel – not to mention the intrusive, scary, unwelcome thoughts that come in out of nowhere and never seem to go away no matter what you do.

OCD in Motherhood: Wouldn’t Wish It On My Worst Enemy


I discuss common obsessive and compulsive behaviors in children, including what’s developmentally appropriate vs what may be something more.

When a child has OCD, they will feel like they have to do things a certain way, or engage in some type of ritual, otherwise something bad might happen. That “something bad” might mean they would get sick, that they would get hurt, that someone else they love might get hurt, or something else – and sometimes, it just means that it wouldn’t feel okay and that, in and of itself, would cause anxiety.

OCD in Children


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A great tool for those with OCD and anxiety OR professionals.  This free PDF will help you identify goals and set them into motion step by step.

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