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Mental compulsions are the mental rituals or strategies that individuals with OCD use to try to neutralize or lessen the anxiety caused by their obsessions.

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A Therapist’s Perspective on How to Break Free Jenna here, OCD and anxiety specialist, ready to dive into the not-so-lovely world of mental compulsions. For those of you who don’t know, mental compulsions are a sneaky part of OCD that can be just as debilitating as their more obvious counterparts. In this blog post, I’m […]

The Secret Life of Mental Compulsions in OCD

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People with OCD often engage in repetitive behaviors or mental acts, such as counting, praying, or checking, in an effort to reduce the anxiety caused by their obsessive thoughts. Some of these rituals are observable whereas others are non-observable and take place mentally.  However, these compulsions only provide temporary relief and can actually reinforce the cycle of OCD and anxiety in the long term.

Ruminating: The Cockroach of Compulsions


Sometimes, this requires a "tough love" approach. Tough love involves being honest and direct with the client, even if it is uncomfortable or difficult.

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A great tool for those with OCD and anxiety OR professionals.  This free PDF will help you identify goals and set them into motion step by step.

"Imagine  Your Recovered Life" instant download PDF

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