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As Jenna says, the content of OCD doesn’t matter. I have come to learn this too, and Iknow that to successfully recover from OCD, you have to focus on the thought process,not the content. I am going to try and show this to you through two ways in which OCDran my life over the past […]

Acceptance and Stepping Away From Content in OCD: A Guest Blog by Matt Scoppa

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Guest blog by Rachel Ehrenberg When someone you care about struggles with OCD, it can be challenging to know how to support them effectively. While you may not be able to understand exactly what they’re feeling, finding ways to help them manage their symptoms can improve their quality of life and make a world of […]

Supporting Someone with OCD: 6 Tips for Family and Friends

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Sometimes, this requires a "tough love" approach. Tough love involves being honest and direct with the client, even if it is uncomfortable or difficult.

While it’s common to experience an increase in trauma-related mental health symptoms following atraumatic event, fortunately, most people are able to recover from trauma on their own without any intervention needed. More recently, research has begun to understand that some people who experience trauma may develop obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Can Trauma Cause OCD? by Dr. Caitlin Pinciotti

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When my anxiety was at its worst, it felt I was living in a warped prison within my own mind. My ability to live in the ‘now’ was next to none and I consistently found myself being dragged through worst case scenario after worst case scenario. I knew mindfulness was a huge trend and would try helplessly to attempt to just let my thoughts ‘flow’ and let go. I tried visualizing myself on sandy beaches and far away places from my problems and thoughts. Despite creating some really beautiful vacation getaways in my head, my anxiety was always the winner in its pursuit for my attention.

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A great tool for those with OCD and anxiety OR professionals.  This free PDF will help you identify goals and set them into motion step by step.

"Imagine  Your Recovered Life" instant download PDF

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