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In this episode, I talk to you about the first course within The OCD and Anxiety Recovery Blueprint journey: The Foundation. I share with you …  – What to expect from The Foundation – Lesson Titles & Descriptions – Who The Foundation is for 🚧 Take the FREE quiz – “What’s Your OCD/Anxiety Recovery Roadblock?”: ⁠⁠⁠https://www.jennaoverbaughlpc.com/recovery-roadblock⁠⁠⁠ […]

Episode #149 – The Foundation: Stopping the Cycle of OCD

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In this episode, I take you behind the scenes of my new digital and self paced course called The OCD and Anxiety Recovery Blueprint. I go over … – how I came up with The Blueprint – my money back guarantee – my promises within The Blueprint 🚧 Take the FREE quiz – “What’s Your […]

Episode #148 – Behind The Scenes of The OCD and Anxiety Recovery Blueprint


Introduction: How OCD and Anxiety Impacts Your Family Living with OCD and anxiety is challenging, not just for those who experience these conditions, but also for their family members and loved ones. In this blog, we’ll explore the often-overlooked aspect of how OCD and anxiety can negatively impact your family and loved ones. We’ll also […]

Unseen Battles: How OCD and Anxiety Affect Your Loved Ones

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In this episode, I’m joined by joined by fellow OCD advocate and warrior, Krista, who shares her story about relationship OCD, postpartum OCD, and more. We discuss.. – how her OCD has morphed from theme to theme over time – the difficulty of “the backdoor spike” and how to handle this common OCD phenomenon – […]

Introduction of OCD and Anxiety Living with OCD and anxiety can feel like an unending battle, one that often leaves you feeling trapped and overwhelmed. In this blog, we’ll delve into the world of OCD recovery and explore a crucial concept: the cost-benefit analysis of pursuing evidence-based treatments like Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), Acceptance […]

Navigating OCD and Anxiety: A Cost Benefit Analysis in Your Journey to Recovery

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In this episode, I’m joined by Molly Vasa Bertolucci, a licensed clinical social worker who has also experienced postpartum OCD. We discuss.. – what OCD felt like for her during her postpartum experience – the ways in which birth trauma and minimizing of symptoms impacted her OCD and anxiety – how to differentiate “normal parenting […]

Episode #146 – The Difficulties of Postpartum OCD with Molly Vasa Bertolucci



As Jenna says, the content of OCD doesn’t matter. I have come to learn this too, and Iknow that to successfully recover from OCD, you have to focus on the thought process,not the content. I am going to try and show this to you through two ways in which OCDran my life over the past […]

In this episode, I’m joined by Torey, an OCD advocate and mom who overcame postpartum OCD – not once but twice. We discuss.. – Her first experience with postpartum OCD, harm intrusive thoughts, and eventually going to an emergency psychiatric unit – Her decision to have another baby 9 years later – Her experience with […]

Episode #145 – Conquering Postpartum OCD Not Once But Twice


In this blog post, we’ll delve into the stepped care model, a dynamic approach that recognizes the diverse needs of individuals seeking recovery. Together, we’ll explore how self-help strategies play a pivotal role in this process, whether pursued as a standalone method or as a complement to formal therapy. As we journey through this paradigm, […]

Empowering Your Journey through Self-Help: The Stepped Care Model for OCD and Anxiety

Recovery Tips

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A great tool for those with OCD and anxiety OR professionals.  This free PDF will help you identify goals and set them into motion step by step.

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