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The weekly podcast to help you be your boldest, most bad-ass self - regardless of OCD or anxiety.

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OCD and anxiety can sometimes involve some pretty taboo and embarrassing topics.  We talk about it all here.  No shame, no hiding - let's do this.

we get really really real. no topics are too taboo

Take me with you on a walk, listen to me while you're doing house chores.  I'm here to hold you accountable and give you that kick in the butt if needed.

it's like chatting with a friend. a raw, no bs friend

You won't find calming techniques or coping skills here.  Well, at least not the kind that you're probably used to getting on podcasts.

not your average mental health podcast

What you'll find on the podcast:

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Only a couple of years ago, I was right where you are. Just like you, I wanted to get rid of my scary thoughts. I had a lot of research and clinical experience under my belt. Then I had an intrusive thought that made me feel like my brain broke.

I'm here with over 16 years of clinical, research, and now personal experience to tell you everything I know about OCD, anxiety, and how to get your life back.

I started this podcast back in 2020 after realizing that I was having a lot of the same conversations with my clients.  Of course, everyone is unique.  But - a lot of the conversations had so much overlap.

This podcast is me bringing all of those conversations to you, because I know not all of you have the luxury of an awesome, 1:1 therapist who knows what they're talking about.

licensed professional counselor

Hi! I'm Jenna.

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Recovery from OCD and anxiety is a process, not a destination. It involves learning to manage symptoms in a way that allows for a full and meaningful life.

In this episode, I talk with OCD warrior and mental health advocate, Jessie Burnbaum, about her experience of living with OCD and a chronic illness.  Jessie co-founded the IOCDF Chronic Illness/Disability Speciality Interest Group and helps lead virtual meet-ups for the IOCDF Young Adult Special Interest Group. We discuss.. – the parallels of having a […]

Episode #128 – OCD and Chronic Illness: The Ultimate Unknown

In this episode, I discuss one of the most common rituals and safety behaviors in OCD and anxiety: mental review. While we all engage in the process of mentally reviewing old conversations and past events from time to time, when you have OCD and anxiety, this process can feel uncontrollable and lead to significant impairment […]

Episode #127 – Mentally Reviewing As A Compulsion in OCD and Anxiety

Research shows that, up to 80% of the time, professionals will misdiagnose OCD when it is not a clear-cut, conventional subtype or manifestation (e.g., fear of germs, needing to have things be perfect). The frequency with which OCD is misdiagnosed has devastating and significant impacts. In this episode, I talk about why OCD gets misdiagnosed […]

Recovery from OCD and anxiety is a process, not a destination. It involves learning to manage symptoms in a way that allows for a full and meaningful life.

In this episode, I talk about my opinions regarding what recovery looks like when you have OCD or anxiety. Specifically, I go over the chronic vs treatable debate, whether there is a “cure” for OCD/anxiety, and why, despite all of this, you can still live a beyond incredible life.  I also talk about… Like this […]

""This is the podcast for you to uncovering solid resources when it comes to your mental health." - Rori

"Jenna's podcast and Instagram page have been more helpful than years of CBT therapy. I am feeling hopeful again." - Marisa

"Best podcast for navigating new motherhood while dealing with OCD. Thank you Jenna!" - Sofia

"This podcast has been integral in helping me recover." - Tom