on overcoming anxiety and intrusive thoughts

The OCD and Anxiety Cycle

a no BS masterclass

break the cycle

You've Googled all the things. But social media hacks and online advice is no match for a brain that won't quit.

You've followed the recycled, bland advice.  But it's done literally nothing and your anxiety is still taking over your life. 

Right now, you're in the cycle. 

Anxiety swirls into every aspect of your life and you're stuck navigating it alone - throwing everything AND the kitchen sink trying to put out the fire. But you can't seem to escape the way it pulls you in and messes with your life. 

Until now.

you've gone to therapy. and you still feel like your anxiety is throwing you into a deep ocean.

F*ck deep breathing. You want to end the endless thoughts.

when the anxiety vortex sucks you in .. you get the f out

I’ve been struggling with that damn ‘fear voice’ of OCD/anxiety since I was a kid. And since 2008, I’ve specialized in treating it. Working at ALL levels of care, including residential at both Rogers Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins– I’ve seen it all. 8 years of the most debilitating cases of OCD and anxiety in the world.

Comorbidities. Unconventional presentations. Your taboo thoughts and presentations won’t even ‘wow’ me, let alone scare me. I’ve truly seen it all. Try and surprise me. You’ll win a prize if you can. 

I’ve always wanted to treat OCD. Something that I feel traditional therapy has all wrong. OCD isn’t a textbook case of ‘scared of germs' or wanting things to be tidy.

Mental compulsions. Ruminations. Sitting with uncertainty (and struggling!). Intrusive thoughts. OCD/anxiety is so much more than stereotypes. But one thing’s for sure– once you recover, you can take your life back. 

Hi there - I'm Jenna.

let me give it to you straight. we're doing what works.

Lose the one-size-fits-all. 
Recover for good.

Like a year’s worth of therapy deep. We go way beyond what a traditional therapist goes through in a session and I show you exactly what’s at the root of your anxiety demons. 

Go Deep

As an anxiety expert, I’ve helped thousands of people break the cycle. And no one breaks it the same way. We’re going there with the dished out, too real, effective advice because you’re here to make decisions that align with your values, not fears.

Cut the Filter

The unwelcome thought monsters that eat your entire day. They can leave. It’s time to use strategies that work time and time again, so you can finally conquer the f*ck out of the anxiety that won’t quit. 

Get Strategies that Work

immerse yourself in the ocd and anxiety cycle masterclass and:

see what happens when you commit to shattering the hold anxiety has over your life

jacob says...

"I would've paid thousands of dollars for this workshop."

julissa says...

"It was profound and worth every minute."

The anxiety vortex feels like a mental hurricane that spans eons. The OCD and Anxiety Cycle Masterclass turns this neural disaster into a rainstorm. One that you came prepared for with wellies and an umbrella. 

I'll leave you with this.

There is an answer. There is a world where you’re rocking out in life and seizing opportunities because your anxiety is not the main character. 

In my world, I teach what works– because you drowning in your anxiety day-in and day-out while trying to label, breathe, and resist your way out of it. Does. Not. Work. 

I give to you straight because you deserve to checkmate your anxiety every f*cking time. 

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The OCD and Anxiety Cycle Masterclass


→ Instant access to the 2 hour long masterclass including Q&A on rumination, core fears, and more

→ Lifetime access to the recordings, plus any future additions

→ A seat in our exclusive Facebook community

→ Two worksheets that help put you in the driver's seat of your journey

by buying this masterclass, you'll get:

break the cycle today

Questions & Answers

ARE THESE masterclasses RIGHT FOR YOU?

do you offer money back guarantees?

Because of these products being digital, I am not able to offer refunds.  If, for any reason, you are unhappy with your purchase, please email me directly at help@jennaoverbaughlpc.com.

what's next after this masterclass?

I offer a more comprehensive digital course called The OCD and Anxiety Recovery Blueprint.  You can get it in full here (best deal, most content!) or buy any of its individual programs (also listed on this page).

do i have to have a diagnosis to take this?

No, you do not need a formal diagnosis of OCD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, or any condition in order to benefit from these masterclasses and programs.  If anxiety is impacting your life, this is for you.