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These masterclasses are my top five favorite and most sought after individual masterclasses to help you end this cycle. With this bundle of masterclasses (over 8 hours of content!), you'll have the groundwork for the OCD/anxiety recovery journey. This masterclass bundle is the quickest way to say NO MORE to your anxious brain and start implementing things that will give you the building blocks to getting your damn life back. 

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Here's what's included..

"The OCD/Anxiety Cycle: A No BS Masterclass to Overcoming Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts": a two hour, masterfully constructed foundation to help you get your life back from OCD and anxiety

"The ERP Basics Masterclass": a two hour long masterclass empowering you to overcome your OCD and anxiety once and for all

"Overcoming Sneaky Rituals": a 90 minute discussion with fellow OCD specialist Kristina Orlova designed to help you identify sneaky compulsions and get the most out of your efforts

"Get Empowered: Approaching Anxiety Courageously": a two hour long masterclass with my friend and fellow advocate, Drew Linsalata, where we provide practical and easy to follow steps regarding acceptance, sitting with uncertainty, and more 

"GAD vs OCD: Does It Matter?": a 90 minute masterclass designed to teach you how to handle anxiety and fear, regardless of your triggers

Lifetime access to all courses

Access to Jenna's private Facebook community

"You helped me see things in a way that I’ve truly never thought of before. Things clicked better. Your education and encouragement has been helping me through this strange, debilitating process."

An additional 5 videos of "prep work" for the Blueprint to get the best start possible

An extra 5 hours of content you can access forever

Recordings of group support calls and live Q&A to help with lingering questions

Let's talk about pay in full bonus #2


Enough is enough. Go all in. Start your new life today.

When you get The Recovery is Yours Bundle...

  • You'll uncover THE ONE STRATEGY that research says is most predictive of your recovery

  • You'll get the lowdown on what I call "The X Factor" - the qualities and mindset that pave the way for a badass recovery

  • You'll get practical strategies you can use immediately, with or without a therapist, to feel more in control

  • Access bonus video #1: What DOESN'T Work for OCD/Anxiety Recovery

  • Access bonus video #2: Rethinking the Concept of "Cure" in OCD/Anxiety: What Recovery Actually Looks Like

  • Get instant access to "Journaling with Jenna", a recording from a March 2023 event with nearly 1.5 hours of content, 7 journal prompts, and support from the live audience

You're ready to go.  You're committed to this thing.  

And you want the best head start you could possibly get.

Well - hey, friend. Let me introduce you to the "Recovery is Yours" Bundle.