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One thing that grinds my gears? Telling people with anxiety that healing is a looonngggg therapeutic process and that AnXiETY is SOMethinG YoU JuSt HaVe to LIVe wiTh. 

No no. We know how to treat it. We know what strategies work. We know what you need to do to stop the cycle and get your power back. I work with my clients for results, not enabling rituals, cycles, and the vortex to continue. 

And this masterclass bundle is the quickest way to say NO MORE to your anxious brain and start implementing things that will give you the building blocks to getting your damn life back. 

we do things differently 'round here.

I’ve been struggling with that damn ‘fear voice’ of OCD/anxiety since I was a kid. And since 2008, I’ve specialized in treating it. Working at ALL levels of care, including residential at both Rogers Memorial Hospital and Johns Hopkins– I’ve seen it all. 8 years of the most debilitating cases of OCD and anxiety in the world. Comorbidities. Unconventional presentations. Your taboo thoughts and presentations won’t even ‘wow’ me, let alone scare me. I’ve truly seen it all. Try and surprise me. You’ll win a prize if you can. 

And that seen it all trait I have, makes my 1:1 waitlist overflow with people who want to experience recovering for good. And right now, this is the closest way you get to work with me

I’ve always wanted to treat OCD. Something that I feel traditional therapy has all wrong. OCD isn’t a textbook case of ‘scared of germs.’ Mental compulsions. Ruminations. Sitting with uncertainty (and struggling!). Intrusive thoughts. OCD/anxiety is so much more than stereotypes.

But one thing’s for sure– once you recover, you can take your life back. 

Hi there, I’m Jenna.

Meet Your Teacher 

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The Cycle: A No BS Masterclass on Overcoming Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts

That voice. You know them. They won’t shut the F up when you get caught in a loop. Probably one of the most distressing parts about anxiety, we’ll lay the foundation for quieting them. 

DIY Victory: Take Control of Anxiety and Intrusive Thoughts

Exposure and response prevention is SO powerful, when you do it right. In 2 hours, I’m showing you how to be effective through this work. No therapist needed. 

Overcoming Sneaky Rituals

There are compulsions that you’re doing that you might not even realize. We’re shining the big light on those so you can make progress to tackle them ALL, not just the obvious ones. I'm joined by special guest and OCD therapist, Kristina Orlova.

Get Empowered: Approaching Anxiety Courageously 

I’m teaming up with author and mental health advocate Drew Linsalata to give you practical, easy steps for standing up to your anxiety demons. No matter how dark, scary, and death-eatery they look. After this, you’ll bravely sit with uncertainty. No spiral needed. 

GAD vs. OCD: Does It Matter?

Labels. Labels. Labels. The mental health world loves ‘em. This masterclass takes the intellectual out of mental health and shows you how to F–ing handle your anxiety and fear, regardless of your triggers. 

  • 5 hyper-targeted masterclasses 

  • Lifetime access (even though ya won't need it when "better" is your new baseline)

  • A private Facebook community bc those who heal together, stay together 

Groundwork for healing. Consider it laid.

my 5 best masterclasses. why the best? it's a quick anxiety treatment kickstart, delivered straight-up and fluff free.

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